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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Small Wedding?

When you think of the wedding you need to organize, what springs to mind first? If you’re like most people, it’s probably going to be something big with lots of people and lots of different elements. Now while that’s lovely and could be ideal for some people, is it really right for you? Because the fact is that a small wedding offers plenty of benefits, and it might be the best option when you think about it – so let’s think about it now. What are the benefits of having a small wedding? Read on to find out. 

Cost Savings

Although your wedding day is all about marrying the person you love and that’s what’s most important, you really will have to think about the cost – that’s important too. Weddings don’t come cheap, and a large, extravagant wedding is more expensive than anything else, often running into the tens of thousands.

However, if you decide to have a smaller, more intimate wedding (even if a big extravagant wedding seems to be the norm these days), you’ll actually save a lot of money that can probably be used for other things that you’re going to appreciate more. You could put the money towards an amazing honeymoon, for example, a great photographer, or use it as a deposit for a home together, or even pay off debts so you’re starting married life with a clean slate. Spending a lot of money on a wedding isn’t always a wise choice, and since a smaller, more intimate wedding can be lovely, maybe that’s something for you to think about.

A Personal Connection

Have you ever been to a huge wedding? If so, you might have noticed something – at times it could be that you barely spoke to the happy couple, and maybe you hardly even knew them (you might have been a plus one or a friend of a friend, for example). So the wedding would have been full of people, but there wouldn’t have been much of a connection between them and the people getting married. 

Wouldn’t it be better to have a much smaller wedding where you had a personal connection to everyone there? By only inviting a select few friends and family, you can have a much more enjoyable time, and the people there will get to share in your joy.

Less Stress And Pressure

As much as you might be looking forward to getting married, planning a big, extravagant wedding can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming, and managing a long guest list, trying to co-ordinate with a variety of vendors, and ensuring that everything goes smoothly is sure to take its toll on even the calmest and most organized of people.

Compare all that stress and pressure to a nice, small wedding that’s going to be easier to plan and manage because there are fewer details to worry about. Once you’ve secured a venue and designed the ideal wedding invite, there are only a few details left to think about, meaning you can enjoy the planning just as much as the big day itself.

At last, regardless of the size of your wedding, just remember: it’s going to be a beautiful day filled with many sweet memories to cherish. Happy Wedding Planning!

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