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How To Have A Perfect Bachelorette party

Planning a bachelorette party or hen night (or whatever you happen to call it – it all amounts to the same idea of giving a bride a fun party of some kind to celebrate her upcoming wedding) is something exciting for whoever’s in charge. It’s often left to the chief bridesmaid to deal with, and that can give that person a lot of freedom when it comes to picking and choosing what should be involved. Even if other people are involved, including potentially the bride herself, it’s still going to be a great event to organize, and as long as you know the bride well and understand what she would and wouldn’t enjoy, you can go wild with your ideas. 

The problem is there are almost too many ideas, and with so many potential options, you might be tempted to do too much, and the event could be spoiled. No one wants that, so let’s take a look at how to have a perfect hen night so that you can organize the one you’re handling with confidence. Read on to find out more. 

Start With A Solid Plan

The basis of any successful hen night has to be a solid, well-thought-out plan that makes sense and everyone can follow. It’s far better to spend some time thinking about what the best thing to include might be than to panic and rush and have to make do with whatever you can get. 

Start by speaking to the bride to get a list of her likes and dislikes (or to confirm them, at least)m and to see if she has any ideas about what she wants for her hen night. Remember that as much fun as organizing something from scratch can be, if the bride wants something in particular, it’s best to work with that rather than ignore her ideas altogether. Even if she doesn’t have any specific ideas, you can still talk to her about dates and the guest list, as well as the budget, for example. Once you know what you can and can’t include, you can start searching for the elements to put together to create the perfect hen night.

Choose The Perfect Venue 

The hen night has to take place somewhere, so once you’ve got some ideas in mind, the best thing to book first is the venue – that way, you can let people know where and when they have to arrive, and make sure they save the date because if you leave invitations too late, you might find people can’t make it. 

So what are you looking for in a venue? You could go to a trendy cocktail bar, a nice restaurant, a luxurious spa, or perhaps you want to turn the hen night into a hen weekend, and book a great Airbnb somewhere. You’ll need to make sure there’s room for everyone, whatever you choose, and there should be food and drink options at the very least.

Hire a Photographer 

Although it might be quite unusual, hiring a photographer to document the hen night professionally is a great idea. You do it for the wedding itself, for the engagement, and the wedding reception, so why not do it for the hen night too? 

If you’ve got a professional photographer there with you, you can rely on them to get some excellent snaps. They’ll be better than whatever you could have taken, plus you won’t have to worry about documenting the evening – someone else is doing it for you, so you can just enjoy the night and the various activities you’ve got planned.

Work Out The Clothing 

Although it’s not one hundred percent essential, making sure everyone dresses to a specific theme or even has personalized t-shirts from Mato & Hash Custom T Shirt Printing is a fantastic and fun idea that really could take the hen night you’re planning to the next level. It’s certainly going to make things a lot more memorable, especially if you decide to hire a photographer, as we mentioned above, and you’ll always have a souvenir to remember the fun you had – as will everyone else. 

If you’re going with a theme, you can choose one that reflects things the bride likes, such as the type of music she likes to listen to or her hobbies, for example, or you can pick a random theme that everyone has to adhere to – it could be 70’s disco, Hollywood glamor, or anything else that comes to mind. You could even try fancy dress if you want – just be aware that if you’ve got activities planned, costumes might not be ideal. 

Plan The Activities 

We’ve mentioned activities a few times now, and that’s because a great hen night will usually include at least one or two. You’ll have a nice meal and drinks, of course, but you’ll also do something fun, and it really could be anything. This is the part where you can really go wild when it comes to what you choose, as long as you’re sure the bride is going to like it and that it will be suitable for everyone in the group, as the last thing you want to happen is for anyone to feel left out. 

Just a few great options for a hen night include cocktail-making classes, spa treatments, dance workshops, outdoor adventures like ziplining, and so on. It’s the activities that are going to make this night stick in people’s minds, and if you want that to happen for the right reasons, it’s worth planning these things well ahead of time. 

Add Some Special Touches

One other thing you can do to give the bride the perfect hen party is to add some extra special touches that you know she’ll love. You can order personalized decorations, keepsakes, a cake, or whatever else comes to mind, and make that a gift from you to her to show her how special and loved she is. 

Whether you give a gift, a heartfelt toast, or maybe organize a special guest to appear, the fact is the bachelorette party will be a perfect one. 

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